Sat. May 25th, 2024
Courteney Cox channels her inner Monica for a Friends parody showcasing her secret wardrobe
Courteney Cox on the show

Courteney Cox on “Friends” (Credit: Danny Field/NBCU Picture Bank)

can you He is any mess?

turns up Courteney Cox She has something in common with her friends Monica’s character – They both have a secret closet that hides a big mess.

Cox, 59, recently channeled her inner Monica in a way friends A parody was posted on Instagram. In the video, she tries to show off her newly renovated dining room, but her creative director Max Goodrich, who is doing the photography, focuses on a junk room instead. The actress tries to stop him from seeing her and eventually grabs the camera. The clip ends when Cox is heard telling Godrich to “clear the footage now” with the subject from it Sanford and his son playing in the background.

She captioned the clip, “Come on… we all have one.” #secret_closet #monica.

friends Fans will be introduced to the segment from Season 8, Episode 14 of the popular sitcom “The One With the Secret Closet”, in which Chandler (Matthew Perry) discovers that Monica isn’t quite as organized as she’s led everyone to believe.

Watch some scenes from that episode below:

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