Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

In a thrilling turn of events during the 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifiers, Rwanda claimed the top spot in Group C by defeating South Africa 2-0. The match, held at Huye Stadium, marked Rwanda’s first victory in the group, propelling them ahead of their competitors.

Rwanda’s triumph was orchestrated by goals from Innocent Nshuti in the 12th minute and Gilbert Mugisha in the 28th minute. This victory was particularly significant for Rwanda, as they ended a six-match winless streak and secured their first home goal in over two years.

The match was influenced by challenging weather conditions, including a waterlogged pitch due to a pre-game thunderstorm, which the visiting South African team struggled to adapt to. Rwanda, on the other hand, capitalized on the conditions and the support of their home crowd to secure a commanding lead by halftime.

In another Group C match, South Africa had previously defeated Benin Republic 2-1, which had placed them at the top of the group temporarily. However, the loss to Rwanda has now dropped them to second place with three points from two matches. Rwanda, with four points, leads the group, followed by Nigeria, Lesotho, and Zimbabwe, all tied on two points but ranked based on goals scored and goal difference.

Meanwhile, South Africa’s loss was a boon for Nigeria, who have struggled in their qualifiers, drawing both of their matches. The Nigerian team now finds itself in third place, providing them with a critical opportunity to advance in the qualifiers if they can capitalize on upcoming matches.

These results set the stage for an intense competition in Group C, with Rwanda’s unexpected rise adding a new level of excitement to the qualifiers. The next set of matches will be crucial in determining which teams will advance to the next stage of the World Cup qualification process.

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